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Text or call 910-256-9480 or email wine@rbwtransport.com
Retail Store location: 5815 Oleander Suite 130, Wilmington, NC 28403


It's challenging to accurately list all of the great wines available through Red Bank Wine Transport Company.  The website depicts what can reasonably be offered (reasonable = availability + time to customer + price as related to value + accolades).  Not the right quantity you'd like or don't see your favorite... let's talk about it.

Text, call, or e-mail the team about special bottles you'd like.  If available, please send a photo of the front and back wine labels.  Otherwise, please provide winery name, special appellation (if any), grape, and vintage year.
  •  Example:  What's the cost for a case of Paul Hobbs, Gold Rock Estate, Pinot Noir, 2017?

Curious if a rare or highly allocated wine is available in North Carolina, and if it is, what is the release date and anticipated price.  Text, call, or e-mail the team.
  •  ​Example:  My friend said you had access to this year's releases of Harlan, Ornellaia Solare 6 packs with a special label, and Catena Zapata wood 3 pack.  Is that true?  Is any still available? If not, can I get on a contact list for the next releases?

Many clients look to our team to pick wines for them.  Text, call, or e-mail the team with what you typically drink or would like to try, detail the occasion, average price / bottle, and quantity of cases.  Transport will work with you directly to discover the best wines, hammer out the details (expect a few more questions from us), and deliver it to your door.

  •  Example for Party Planning:  What would you recommend (quantity and which specific wines) for a 4 hour holiday party with 40 people, with pinot grigio (<$25/bottle) and Napa Valley Cabernet or Cab Blend (<$40/bottle)  and two bottles of Tawny Port (<$50/bottle).

  •  Example Just for Me:  No special occassion.  I'm thirsty and I typically like red and white Italian wines from Tuscany and Piedmont (<$25/bottle).  2 cases please and can you include at least 6 chianti classico riservas and maybe throw in 2 reds from Sicily I should try?

...And remember free delivery in the Wilmington area for orders > $300

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